Have you ever met someone who seems really great but you can tell they also harbor bitterness?

Who, deep down, yearns for not only recognition but also validation to make them feel whole, complete, and at peace?

Yet they never get there. They keep starting new things but it doesn’t work, it ends with disappointment. They don’t see life as a journey, but something that is futile because they believe their life is a destination. They have to be somewhere, do something, accomplish greatness because they feel so deeply. They think because they’ve got a great intellect and are aware of so much, that they must also be mature & responsible enough for everything they sense.

Attachments and long term serious relationships are difficult if not impossible, because they can’t really see anyone else as worthy. By viewing flaws as ugly, as something that makes human beings as never quite good enough, these people consistently fall short of their own expectations.

I was that person. I didn’t know that who I thought I should be was incongruent with who I was, and that I’d set the bar so high I never met my own expectations. It was like I couldn’t accept that I had flaws. I was anxious constantly.

But now?

I’ve learned that I can only meet myself where I’m at. I’m okay with where I’m at. I don’t need to be anyone but who I am presently, and I accept whoever that may be. I accept that my needs, wants, and abilities vary. I accept that I cannot be a perfect anything, and more often than not imperfections are where personal and spiritual growth happen. 

This is where we can humble and accept ourselves. It’s where I become grateful. Why?

Because human beings are created to evolve, and I’m doing exactly what I was created to do. That exudes into the atmosphere around me, and allows others to do the same.