Inspiration….where do we get it from? Mine has always been words and art, and the way I connect with certain people.

Words, the way they’re woven together and start a spark inside my soul, the way they make me yearn for more words, more descriptions….it’s such a beautiful thing to me, to have so many words to convey so many moments in our lives. So many feelings, thoughts, and passions, dreams, wants, and desires. Disappointments and heartache, all the experiences that we go through…being able to get in someone’s head and experience what they’re going through…this is why I read. (It’s also why I study psychology.)

I read for adventure and hope, for transformation and for escape. I read for answers and journeys to new worlds and new perspectives. I read to get lost, and to let the back of my mind (my subconscious) rest awhile when I know it’s trying to figure something out that is integral to my own personal growth.

Words and art-I should say “the arts”-are inspirations to me. I see book covers and they’re brilliant and instantly I’m caught up in this world and wonder what it is like, who is the person who lives in this world? What are their flaws? How do they navigate the issue in the book? Fantasy books are bliss because you can change your myth and make the entire story change. Don’t like the idea that vampires drink blood? It’s your story and you can change that. Want to make up a new creature? A new being? Redefine book boyfriend? Go for it! There are NO RULES when it comes to the creativity. You just dive in and go for it and edit later. That’s the beauty of books, is that they’re written by so many people you get a new world created every time.

It’s like an instant high for me. I love it. I can browse books all day long. Do NOT under any circumstances take me to a book store if you hate waiting. You’ll end up leaving me there. I won’t even get upset about it. I’ll totally understand.






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