Lately I’m trying to do too much at once. I have to work more, which I don’t mind, because I generally enjoy it and, well, I like to pay my bills. However, the last few months seem to have sent my son backwards, so now when I’m working my soon hasn’t been able to go back to his routine of school and chores. So I’m sending him to my mother’s place while I’m at work so he can be held accountable while I’m gone. This way he’ll also be able to help my mother out and learn a few functional life skills as well. I wish I could be the stay at home homeschool mom and work full time and go to college full time, but it seems to me that I’m doing too much on my own, and it’s time to ask for support.

My son seems lost-and he needs to have a moral compass to show the difference betwween right and wrong in a spiritual way. 

I’m not super religious as far as following all the rules all the time, but I do believe in Jesus, and I know He wants all of us to have a relationship with Him. I want my son to know the author of his life. Somehow it suddenly clicked that I’m failing my son in this big way. And that’s not love.


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