When I’m at work and things are hectic because they’re not going as planned, my boss will start getting on us and giving us instructions. It’s not my boss’ reaction that I notice, it’s mine and my team members’ response to the palpable anger, disappointment and frustration in the atmosphere that is suddenly felt-and avoiding a response out of the fear we’ll only make it worse. Which of course only does that exact thing.

How can we respond in a way that lets the manager know we are on top of what we are doing, and are on the same page she is but such and such happened? At times we do this but it backfires, ensuing in more criticism and not the diffusion we hoped for. I’m generally stumped at this point. One thing is for sure, we can’t continue to freeze up.

The model above is general but we need something more specific.

How would you handle it?



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