I’ve gotten some more traffic lately here and I appreciate that. It encourages me to write more.

I’m pretty tired from last night, one of Goku’s many sleepless nights (more on that later), and him being pretty sad lately. He’s not feeling like himself and I worry about him the whole time I’m at work, even though he sleeps through most of it when he’s been up all night with his insomnia. (Remember, he’s homeschooled.)

My hand is asleep again (thank you Carpal Tunnel!!) but I’m still able to type. Hopefully it wakes its self up more because I have a whole day to get through at work still, and this train isn’t slowing down anytime soon. I have to pay the bills ahead and get ready for surgery hopefully in January. I have to fix my car, before winter, because the windows are stuck or falling and the rear defrost doesn’t work. And Goku’s 14th birthday is coming up in December!! I’m so excited for him! I want to make it a really great birthday! I’m looking at actual cameras for him-he’s got an eye for these things, so I’m thinking a good camera is worth the investment.

Okay, time for me to go. No need to be late to work!


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